jeudi 20 novembre 2008


The creation of this site came after blocking every horizon of communication between management and staff, and neglected to their problems. This gap has contributed a group of opportunists in devoted, where they are not their own, abusing the powers granted to them to jump the rights of employees across the carrot-and-stick policy and trade unions to adapt and awards (suspicious) and exile.
Our message is the defense of our rights and the delivery of our officials, and expose tyrants and machinations, and detect suspicious transactions, embezzlement, bribery and influence peddling. We believe strongly that the reform will only come from within true to the words of God: (that God will not change until the people change themselves).
Therefore, we invited the honorable total staff to contribute for the success of this initiative which is the unique experience at the national level, and them participation value their opinions. This participation imposed by the national and religious duty, and imposed professionalism and the spirit of responsibility that is lacking most of the staff. Since its foundation, The Department of the National Center for locust control the senses set of problems that lie in the center. Our initiative has received a clear response from the birth of staff and workers, through their direct value, or through emails sent to the Forum. Our message is basically not only Sensitization, but it is a call to the first official at the Center to work on a solution to the library of new employees, workers and their representatives and to listen to their problems and discuss solutions to reach satisfactory to all parties, rather than thrown to the Office of Management which is not only mastered the policy promises His theory is false, "How much is dissolved left!" . Before the founding of the site, the founders did all possible options for the delivery of words to the officials, were decisive in establishing this channel to remain as a special character, that is only open between the staff and workers on one hand and place the responsibility on the other. But we questioned the way in which treated by officials at the Center with this window, Instead of working on the study of the problems raised, the focus of much of their attention on the track owners of this initiative the cast mad vengeance on them, such as what they did with all previous initiatives. You can prevent me from writing one day, but you will never be able to prevent me from pronouncing right. Welcome to our new site :

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